Our Rich Resource Library

• Webinars and Virtual Sessions: Our sponsors’ curated series of webinars present a golden chance for students to hear directly from professionals in the medical field. Past sessions have seen prominent healthcare experts and admissions counselors share insights, all archived and accessible to our chapters.

• Guidebooks: HSAFP’s meticulously crafted guidebook powered by MedSchoolCoach serves as the A to Z of medical school preparations. From understanding medical terminologies to diving into the intricacies of medical ethics, these guidebooks are your trusted companion.

• Virtual Shadowing Experiences: In collaboration with practicing physicians, we’ve introduced virtual shadowing experiences. These sessions give students a sneak peek into the daily life and challenges of a healthcare professional.

Upcoming Events

Joint Webinar with the Red Cross:

A special collaboration awaits! This webinar, co-hosted with the esteemed Red Cross, promises to be a deep dive into the world of emergency medical responses, disaster management, and health-oriented humanitarian work. Here, HSAFP members will gain unparalleled insights into the real-time medical endeavors of the Red Cross, and understand how to pave potential paths towards this line of medical humanitarianism. Details about date, time, and guest speakers from the Red Cross will be shared soon, so ensure your chapter members mark their calendars.

Collaborative Session with the American Cancer Society:

HSAFP is proud to announce a collaborative session with the American Cancer Society. This exclusive webinar aims to shed light on the groundbreaking research, preventive measures, and patient support initiatives championed by the American Cancer Society. Members will also learn about the various medical career paths within oncology, the challenges, and rewards. Stay tuned for specific details on this enriching session, including date, time, and notable speakers from the American Cancer Society.

College Advisor Series – Coming this School Year:

Webinar 1 – College List and Demonstrated Interest (September): Kicking off our series, the inaugural session delves into crafting the optimal college list tailored for your medical aspirations. How do you select the right mix of reach, match, and safety schools? What is “demonstrated interest”, and why is it paramount? The session promises answers to these questions and more, offering a holistic guide to starting your college application journey on the right foot. Further sessions in this series will be announced shortly, so keep a close eye on HSAFP’s webinar calendar!

Local Chapter Initiatives

• Guest Speaker Series: Each chapter has the autonomy and support to invite local medical professionals for talks, workshops, or panel discussions. It’s a unique chance to gain firsthand regional insights and network closely with experts.

• Health Awareness Campaigns: HSAFP encourages chapters to initiate awareness campaigns related to prevalent health issues. Such campaigns could range from mental health talks to nutrition workshops.

• Fundraisers: Organize fundraisers to support local healthcare facilities or causes. This not only raises awareness but also fosters a sense of community involvement and empathy.

Collaborative Opportunities

• National Webinar Participation: All HSAFP chapters unite for our national webinars. This communal learning experience provides an opportunity for chapters to interact, discuss, and collaborate.

• Inter-chapter Collaborations: We promote collaborations between chapters. If one chapter has had success with a particular event or fundraiser, they can share their insights and possibly co-host with another chapter. In addition, our in progress partnership with the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross allows for joint events.

How You Can Help Your Chapter

• Accessing Resources: All our resources, including past webinars, guidebooks, and scheduled events, are available on the HSAFP website.

• Event Hosting: Utilize our guidebooks and webinars to create themed meetings. For instance, after the Common Application webinar, host a follow-up session to brainstorm essay ideas. Involve project leads in coordinating other opportunities as well.

• Collaborative Event Planning: For national webinars, ensure your chapter’s attendance is maximized. Plan ahead, send reminders, and perhaps even organize post-webinar discussions to recap and discuss takeaways.