This 12-meeting agenda is a sample outline to help kick-start your chapter’s activities. While this serves as a baseline, feel free to adapt, expand, or incorporate new ideas that align with the goals and values of HSAFP. Collaboration and creativity are encouraged!

Note: The below does not include national HSAFP events.

Meeting 1: Kickoff & Vision Setting

• Introduction to the chapter’s vision and objectives.

• Interactive session: “My Aspirations in Medicine” where members share their reasons for joining and what they hope to gain.

Meeting 2: Navigating Medical-Related Extracurriculars

• Discussion on key extracurriculars that benefit undergraduate college applications.

• Share experiences or tips for those interested in specific activities, like volunteering or internships.

Meeting 3: Crafting College Application Profiles

• Workshop on building a profile that appeals to medical programs.

• Peer-review: Members review mock application essays, gathering feedback for improvement.

Meeting 4: Shadowing and Internship Opportunities

• Introduction to the significance of shadowing and internships for those interested in exploring the vast world of medicine.

• Discussion and brainstorming on how to approach and secure these opportunities.

Meeting 5: Guest Session: Medical Student Experience

• Invite a medical student to share insights about college life, courses, and extracurriculars.

• Q&A session for members to ask specific questions.

Meeting 6: Current Medical Breakthroughs Discussion

• Engage in a discussion on recent discoveries and their implications.

• How can students keep up with the evolving medical world?

Meeting 7: Personal Statement Workshop

• Group discussion on crafting compelling personal statements for college applications.

• Peer-sharing and critique session for draft statements.

Meeting 8: Medical Ethics Debate

• Introduce an ethical scenario faced in the medical world.

• Engage in a guided debate, emphasizing the importance of ethics in medicine.

Meeting 9: Networking and Mentoring Opportunities

• Discuss the significance of networking in the medical profession.

• Share platforms or forums where students can find mentors or networking events.

Meeting 10: Medical Research: Its Importance and Approach

• Introduction to the world of medical research.

• Guidance on how high school students can participate or initiate research projects.

Meeting 11: Preparing for Interviews

• Role-playing college interviews, emphasizing the kind of questions asked and how to respond using a checklist crafted by HSAFP.

• Sharing experiences of those who have faced interviews or gleaned insights from seniors.

Meeting 12: Reflections & Planning Ahead

• Reflect on the year’s activities, personal growth, and future aspirations.

• Brainstorm on how to further strengthen the chapter in the coming academic year.