The High School Alliance of Future Physicians (HSAFP)

The HSAFP is committed to supporting high school students on their path to becoming physicians. Our focus is on empowering and guiding students with comprehensive resources and opportunities to explore the medical field. Backed by MedSchoolCoach, the HSAFP is also able to provide access to virtual shadowing experiences, a complete guidebook to BSMD and pre-med college applications, and complimentary webinars featuring real physicians – all free of charge.

  Our Founder – Hari Ganesh

Hari Ganesh, High School Alliance of Future Physicians

Hi! I’m Hari Ganesh, the founder of the High School Alliance for Future Physicians (HSAFP).

As a high schooler interested in medicine myself, I came face to face with the complexities and challenges of pursuing a career in medicine. Many of my peers shared the same ambition but often struggled to find the guidance and resources necessary to embark on this demanding journey.

Inspired to address this, I established a club at my school with the goal to support aspiring physicians. We reached out to MedSchoolCoach regarding their acclaimed Virtual Shadowing Program, leading to the initiation of a rewarding partnership. Then, we held a webinar with Dr. Michele Lee on “Everything a High School Students Needs to Know to Get into Medical School.” I realized the potential impact of expanding our initiative nationwide. The goal was not only to address the shortage of doctors but also to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their background or resources, could explore their interest in medicine.

With the backing of MedSchoolCoach, I founded HSAFP with a mission to make the journey to becoming a physician less daunting and more inspiring. We strive to provide high school students with comprehensive, quality resources and guidance, all at no cost.

But HSAFP goes beyond being a simple resource provider. We foster a supportive community that empowers future physicians from high school and beyond, making the path to a medical career more about the excitement of a life-changing mission than the struggle. Join us as we work towards making this vision a reality, together.

If you want to reach out to us, start a local chapter, or talk to us about your potential future as a physician, Contact Us now!

  Our Board Members

Hari Ganesh
Dublin High School, President

Hari is a senior at Dublin High School in Dublin, California, charting a course toward a promising future in neurosurgery. With a deep passion for neuroscience, Hari’s academic pursuits are underscored by his association with a celebrated neurologist, delving into the dynamic intersection of Neuroscience, Indology, and Metaphysics. This commitment to unearthing connections and patterns aims to bridge both scientific and cultural domains. In tandem with his studies, Hari has demonstrated significant prowess in independent research, especially in investigating the neurocognitive consequences of Chronic CNS Depressant Abuse in ADHD-affected individuals. His pioneering forays into this realm have led to the co-authorship of a pivotal paper, with further work under review for publication.

Outside of academic confines, Hari’s altruism and leadership shine brilliantly. Serving as Vice President of both ‘Gardeners of the Galaxy’ and the Dublin chapter of Médecins Sans Frontières, he has not only facilitated an impressive 350% boost in donation yield, feeding over 6,400 individuals in just 5 months, but also underscored his dedication to community service and enhancing healthcare. Additionally, as a Project Intern at MedSchoolCoach, he is at the forefront of guiding future physicians. Hari’s roles as the Founder and CEO of HSAFP further exemplify his mission to mentor and empower the upcoming wave of medical enthusiasts, ensuring their zeal translates to tangible strides in healthcare.

Yuni Kim
Dublin High School, Director of Operations

Yuni Kim, HSAFP, Dublin High School

Yuni is a senior at Dublin High School with a strong passion in scientific research and public health activism, and has been a part of various professor-led laboratories. As the Founder and Executive Director of The OCD Truth, a youth-led worldwide initiative that fights against stereotypes surrounding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, she manages more than 300 student researchers, graphic designers, ambassadors and continues to change the lives of those with and around OCD. Recently, Seoyun won first place internationally in the Health Care Issues Exam at the 2023 HOSA International Leadership Conference held in Dallas, Texas with more than 10,000 competitors present, after also winning first place statewide at the 2023 California HOSA State Leadership Conference. As the Director of Operations at HSAFP, Seoyun looks forward to fostering the next generation of medical professionals and expanding healthcare understanding and accessibility across the nation.

Shreyes Kanumuru
Purdue University, Director of Programs

Shreyes Kanumuru, HSAFP, Dublin High School

Shreyes is currently an undergraduate student at Purdue University majoring in chemistry and aspires to go into emergency medicine. In his past as the campaign leader for the SEWA International ‘Covid in India’ fundraiser, Shreyes demonstrated exceptional initiative, raising over $10,000 in a short period of time for critical medical equipment. Shreyes also established a nonprofit tutoring organization with a mission to extend affordable STEM education opportunities to underprivileged students. He has successfully expanded his organization’s reach to students across 37 out of 50 states while managing a nationwide team of volunteers. As the Director of Programs at HSAFP, Shreyes applies his deep interest in scientific research and commitment to expanding educational opportunities to guide high school students in their pursuit of a career in medicine.

Sachin Balasubramanian
Franklin & Marshall College, Executive Director

Sachin Balasubramanian, HSAFP, Dublin High School

Sachin is currently an undergraduate student at Franklin and Marshall College studying biochemistry and molecular biology. He brings his passion for understanding the complex interactions of biology and chemistry to his pursuit of a career in cardiothoracic surgery. Sachin has already made strides toward this ambition by completing surgery-related courses at leading institutions including Johns Hopkins University and Stanford School of Medicine. Beyond academics, Sachin is a gifted cellist with seven years of experience playing in state, national, and internationally renowned orchestras. As a leader, he has previously served as the President and Founder of the Dublin High School chapter of the French Honors Society and Vice President of the Dublin High orchestra. As Vice President of the HSAFP board, Sachin wishes to bring his passion for medicine to high schoolers around the nation and utilize his previous leadership experiences to quickly and effectively distribute these resources.