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Future Physicians: Medical Students Stories & Emergency Training from the U.S. Army

Royal High School – Simi Valley, California
Saturday, May 11, 2024 – 9AM to 11:30AM

The High School Alliance of Future Physicians (HSAFP), powered by MedSchoolCoach, is devoted to empowering future physicians through comprehensive resources and hands-on experiences, guiding high school students successfully on their path to medicine.

Forging the Future of Healthcare, Today

The High School Alliance for Future Physicians (HSAFP) is a dynamic initiative powered by MedSchoolCoach. We nurture the aspirations of high school students who dream of becoming physicians. We believe in the power of early engagement, and thus, we provide extensive resources and opportunities designed to help young minds navigate the fascinating world of medicine.

As part of the prestigious MedSchoolCoach network, HSAFP offers students a unique platform to gain valuable insights and guidance on their journey toward a career in medicine. Our FREE comprehensive services include access to virtual shadowing experiences, an in-depth guide to BS/MD and pre-med college applications, and complimentary webinars led by accomplished physicians. These tools aren’t just designed to inform; they’re created to inspire, empowering students to confidently stride down the path to their future.

At HSAFP, we believe every aspiring doctor should have access to the best support and resources, no matter where they are in their journey. And so, we’re committed to not just reaching out, but reaching deep into the hearts and minds of our future physicians, ensuring they have the guidance, knowledge, and inspiration they need to turn their dreams into reality. Join us and begin your journey towards a rewarding career in medicine, guided by a team of passionate professionals dedicated to your success.

As the head of Dublin's Doctors Without Borders club, I recently collaborated with HSAFP on a webinar featuring a seasoned physician. Their level of professionalism was remarkable, contributing significantly to a successful and insightful session. This collaboration went beyond a typical partnership, showcasing HSAFP's dedication to educating and supporting future medical professionals. I hold them in high regard for such collaborative educational initiatives.
Rebecca Lee, Dublin High School
Rebecca Lee
Biomedical Student at Dublin High School in California

Your HSAFP Experience

Join HSAFP and embark on an exciting journey into the world of medicine right from high school. We offer extensive resources including virtual shadowing experiences across various specialties, an all-encompassing guide to pre-med college applications, and engaging webinars with real physicians, all at no cost.

Our national organization also hosts local HSAFP chapters, located at partner high schools, serving as the heartbeat of our community. They offer a space to connect with like-minded peers, share knowledge, and learn from each other’s experiences. These regular meetings become a platform for discussion, inspiration, and collective growth. They help you navigate the path to a medical career and build a supportive network that shares your passion. Are you ready to take the first step?