If you’re a high school student interested in a career in medicine and want to learn how to become a leader, even if you have no prior experience, then HSAFP is the perfect club for you!

Become a Leader, Improve Your Community, Enhance Your Resume

Becoming an HSAFP chapter president offers a variety of benefits to both you and your peers:

  • Boost Your College Apps: We’ll initially support you in growing your chapter’s membership and will teach you how to maintain a successful club, allowing you to highlight your community impact on your college applications through this high-level leadership role.
  • Enhance Your Resume: Organize large, multi-school events with the full support and resources of HSAFP (ex. Stop the Bleed workshop with US Army medics)
  • Get Mentored: Receive mentorship from pre-med college students at top universities in the nation, and learn to develop your extracurricular profile and professional abilities under their guidance.

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Bring HSAFP to Your School

If you’re interested in launching a High School Alliance of Future Physicians chapter at your school, follow these six easy steps as you work with one of our HSAFP Chapter Setup Representatives. We know starting a club can be challenging, especially if you’ve never led a club before, but don’t worry—we’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a fulfilling experience for both you and your members.

Once you’re ready to commit to starting a chapter, complete the contact form on our website to begin the official process. Be sure to specify your interest in starting a chapter. An HSAFP Chapter Setup Representative will contact you within a week to provide further guidance and support.

Note: We will message you via the phone number provided. A unique aspect of joining HSAFP is our commitment to not just help you through the setup process, but also to assist in hosting events and maintaining your club at your school.

Every HSAFP chapter is required to have a teacher advisor and a leadership team that includes the roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Project Lead. While these positions form the core team, you have the freedom to introduce additional roles as needed to ensure the smooth operation of your club. 

Arrange a 10-minute meeting with your chapter’s advisor and leadership team to review the HSAFP national bylaws together, that your Chapter Setup Representative will send to you. During this meeting, sign a paper copy of the bylaws, and then send a PDF version of the signed document to for review.

After reviewing all submitted documentation, we will notify you of your chapter’s status within 3-5 business days. Should there be any areas requiring amendment, we’ll guide you on what needs to be addressed. If everything is in order, congratulations — you will become an official HSAFP chapter!

Begin by recruiting members for your chapter. Remember, you can add members at any point, but it’s crucial to establish an initial membership roster early on. After your primary recruitment phase, maintain a continuously updated spreadsheet with member information. Create a Google Form to track your members efficiently. Set up this form so it automatically populates a Google Sheet with the collected information, and ensure to share this spreadsheet with

Note: This form must include full name, graduation year, and school + personal email. All members on your chapter’s roster will automatically become national HSAFP members — they do not need to register separately. 

After you’ve gathered your members, it’s time to begin hosting meetings! To get started, we offer a sample schedule that you can adapt to suit your chapter’s needs, aiming for at least one meeting per month. This will be in the google drive folder that your Chapter Setup Representative will share with you after you’ve become an official chapter. Additionally, a member of the HSAFP executive board will collaborate closely with you to organize large-scale community events. While we’re here to support you in these bigger endeavors, your chapter’s leadership team must take the initiative in holding monthly meetings.