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Welcome to the Free Resources hub of the High School Alliance of Future Physicians. Dive into a wealth of resources curated to assist and inspire aspiring physicians. Here, you’ll find invaluable guidebooks, recorded sessions, and opportunities to experience virtual clinical education. These resources, offered at zero cost, are designed to guide your medical journey and ignite your passion for healthcare.

Webinar Replay: What Every High School Student Should Know About the Journey to a Career in Medicine

Join MedSchoolCoach experts, Dr. Kachiu Lee and Laura Baldasare, for an insightful discussion on the journey to medical school. Learn how to prepare during high school, identify your ideal college, gain an understanding of BS/MD programs, and navigate the world of a pre-med student.

Beyond Shadowing: Virtual Clinical Education

Accumulating shadowing hours can be challenging, but it’s an important part of your medical school application. MedSchoolCoach’s Virtual Shadowing program, developed in partnership with over 20 renowned physicians, offers a rare glimpse into diverse medical specialties. Don’t miss out!

The Pre-Med Journey: A FREE Comprehensive Guidebook for ALL Highschool Students

Brimming with essential insights and practical advice, our free guidebook, ‘The Pre-Med Journey: What Every High School Student Needs to Know About the Journey to a Career in Medicine,’ is a must-have resource for every aspiring physician.